"Get Dipped"

Country Camo Hydrographics LLC.

Products dipped in a licensed film ( such as Mossy Oak, Predator, Muddy Girl, Kryptek) will be subject to an additional $5 or $10 fee depending on the size of the item.

Remember this is a painted surface and your item will receive normal wear and tear just like any other item that you use frequently. Some common areas which may experience high areas of wear and tear are: high friction areas, scopes, bolts, slides, triggers,  and trigger guards, to name a few.

Caring for your hydrographic dipped item.

* Prices subject to change as price and availability of materials change

Emblem (Chevy Bowtie, Ford, Jeep etc)-  $20

Gas Cap Cover                                            $20

Door Handles -                            set of 2  $25

                                                     Set of 4  $45

Tailgate handle-                                        $20

Entire Set ( 4 door handles, tailgate handle)


Rainguards                 set of 2                $40

                                      set of 4                $80

Mirror Covers                starting at             $50 (set)

Prices are if you provide part, if we provide cost of part will be added to bill

Rifles/Shot guns Stocks            2 piece, if they come                                                            apart    $65
one  piece stock, If they do not come apart    


Entire gun                                             $150

mags                                                      $10/each

AR's                                                           $150

Scopes                                                         $50  

Pistols          with slide                               $65 

                      frame only                            $45 

                      slide only                              $30  

Buck skulls                                                   $55*

Doe skulls                                                    $40*

Coyote skulls                                             $35*

Can also do boar/pig , cow skulls....contact for price

Cleaning and whitening will be charged the same as a dipped skull.

If skulls require cleaning ( meaning it needs ridded of skin, meat, brain matter etc) THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA $25 CLEANING CHARGE 

Ultra ProX/ Go Pro cases                            $10

Trail camera security boxes                        $30

Our Services



What to expect form your item.

UV protection is enhanced  by coating each item with the highest grade clear coats that we can get. The same clear coat that goes on your product is the same grade that is applied to automobiles. So while leaving your automobile in the sun may cause it to face, so can leaving your hydrographically dipped item.

Caring for your item after it is dipped.
After the dipping process your parts are protected with a high performance automotive grade clear coat. It is no longer necessary to use solvents to clean them, instead just wipe down with mild soap and water or a mild automotive detailer. Quick and simple!

How long  should I wait until my clear coat is fully cured to use my item?
Our paint manufacturers recommend a 30 day curing time for optimum performance to be achieved. Your item will be able to be  handled within a few days after the clear coating process,( we hold it with us for 5)  but you must remember is still soft and curing to its final finish for a full 30 days.

Services such as gas cap covers, door handle covers, tailgate covers, mirror covers are priced for dipping only. If you want us to order the part for you, cost of the part will be added to the services. 

Xbox or gaming consoles                             $50

Game controllers                                              $20 each

Tackle boxes     depending on size                     $25 and up

Dash Bezel  price varies depending on vehicle

                     contact us with quote before 


Knives               beginning at                    $15

Bows -        riser only                         $80

                    riser & Limbs                  $125

                    limbs       starting at        $30

                    cams  ( set of 2)               $30

Bows must be broken down

Quiver Hoods                                     $20

​Camera arms       starting at         $50

Auto Grills                                           $75

​must be less than 40 inches in length

If you have other items you want to be dipped give us a call, shoot us a text or message us for price. If it can be submersed into water chances are we can dip it. Let’s get dipped!!!

Larger items (skulls, bigger than deer), can be dipped as well, but will be priced depending on their size.

Bow hangers                                    $15

Steady Form                                          $20

Bowdagger                                             $25

We also offer gift certificates